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Shaved Ice & MORE


THE SOFTEST SHAVED ICE along with some tasty treats and our bubble bus 

For the best party!

We offer a wide variety of syrup options for your event with over 40 different flavor combinations. To make this gourmet shaved ice we use a Southern Snow block ice shaver that shaves ice to create a great tasting soft and fluffy sno cone, unlike our competition whom uses ice cubes because we believe in better.

Step 1: Book online

Step 2:  We will reach out once you book online and get all the details aligned for your party or event!

Please note each quote is different based on the number of servings based on an hourly rate! This quote is based on 50 servings or less for an hour of booking! The only additional charge is a gas charge based on distance!

Thank you and please let me know of any questions!

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