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Owned and Operated by a Young Entrepreneur Six Years and Counting 

Why Choose Our Truck Over Our Competition:  

Simple. We use the softest style of shaved ice (New Orleans Style Sno Balls... nothing but the best) using big blocks compared to the normal cubed ice of Kona. We price match. Our sizes are almost shareable compared to a small portion and you're wanting more!

Not to mention we donate a portion of each of your bookings to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention we have raised thousands of dollars and we take great pride in your support! 


Try Us and you will not be disappointed in the experience! We cater for parties of 5 people to 1000 person events!  

Please reach out with any questions and I will be happy to accommodate you in any way we can!

Peace and Love,

Alex Davis


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention or AFSP is our company's charity of choice because this organization focuses on the goal of reducing the percentage of deaths by funding research and education on this topic. This foundation also funds a call line that provides, support to the endangered during a very vulnerable time when these teens and adults do not see another way around their current situations or illnesses. Many people have started to talk about this subject because the rate at which people are committing suicide has risen remarkably. I have experienced this topic first hand as many people do and I can see the difference, that this foundation can and will do to help our communities and beyond. This company was started on the premise of bringing awareness to mental health and hopes to bring light to some that do not have positive in their lives along with bringing an extra smile to your day!

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